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José Miguel Infante L.


As a Founding Partner at IVM, José Miguel has over 30 years of experience as an attorney and legal adviser to a variety of public and private insurance, reinsurance, stock brokerage, commercial, real estate and wine companies. He has continually served on the boards of a number companies in these fields, and has authored reports on different aspects of the insurance business and other matters pertinent to the business areas of the companies he advises. He also has extensive experience in litigation and consultation involving claims settlements, having worked on behalf of both insurance companies and insured parties.


José Miguel has worked actively with institutional investors in the securities, real estate and mutual fund markets, and has a deep knowledge of the regulations governing these activities. 

Graduate studies in business administration and finance ensure that his clients receive effective and creative input regarding business development, ranging from action planning to product and service positioning strategies tailored to different markets and the existing legal and regulatory framework. He has led teams dealing with insurance company startups, mergers and reorganizations, as well as the acquisitions, takeovers and sale of differents companies.

  • Studied Law at the Universidad Católica de Chile, graduating as a lawyer in 1988.
  • Graduate Degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago (1997).
  • “Arturo Prat” Naval Academy. Graduated as an Officer (Mate) with top honors (1980). He served as such until 1988.
  • Recognized by Chambers and Partners Latin America in 2012, 2016 and 2017 for contributions in the insurance area.

José Miguel has spoken at and participated in numerous seminars, specialization courses, and discussion and debates panels on matters of Commercial, Civil, Insurance and Stock Market law, as well as on other matters of legal interest, both in Chile and abroad.